New Sample Development
We at Pinx International have an extremely dedicated design team. Our company focuses heavily on creating new and unique designs with almost 400 to 500 new designs created every season. The design team is led by 3 chief designers who manage 6 executive designers working under them. We have not only employed 3 special pattern makers who come up with and create exquisite patterns but also 3 special material sourcers and 2 color coordinators to complement the creativity of our chief and executive designers. Apart from the majority of our designs being created in Kolkata, we have a design unit in Mumbai. Due to the strategic location of the Mumbai design unit the company gets easy access to the latest materials, sequins and latest embroidery techniques.
We not only lead the customers with our designs but we also take inputs from our customers and sales representatives. We incorporate customer's tastes and preferences in our designs by reflecting upon the various special custom developments we get throughout the year.
A lot of effort goes into making new designs. Our chief designers travel extensively to trade shows to get a first hand input. They also refer to international fashion magazines in order to assess trends. This along with the feedback we get from our sales representatives, helps us create the base for developing new designs. Almost everyday a couple new designs and ideas are created. Designing is a regular process with a lot of investment going into the creation of a very special, exquisite, unique, trendy and sophisticated range/collection that has something to offer to everyone.