Quality Control
Aristotle once said “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”. Since our inception we have made this habit a regular feature of our company. We have always believed in the notion that quality is the best commodity we can offer and thus the end product we deliver to our customer is nothing but top notch.
With a complete in house unit for quality control, we pay complete attention to the minutest of details. We inspect our products at every step in the production process. Our greige fabrics are minutely inspected through its length and width before any further application is done on it. Likewise, once the final product is ready, our in house dedicated team of manual inspectors, inspect the product in its entirety to ensure that the goods are perfect. Once the goods pass the inspection process it is packed using the finest quality of materials conforming to international safety standards.
We at Pinx have always believed that, quality is part of a carefully constructed cultural environment and that quality has to be the fabric of the organization and not just part of the fabric.